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We start our work by examining the needs and capabilities of the client based on the input and output product obtained at the indicated industrial plant. Then we present the optimal, recommended solution using membrane or hybrid (conventional-membrane) filtration.

We also assess investments, their feasibility, planned costs and potential savings. In addition to carrying out investments, we offer investor supervision. Our specialists have extensive experience in many industries and hold appropriate engineering qualifications.

At the customer’s request, we also carry out inventories and audits of the functioning of existing installations, indicating the possibilities of modifying or improving its operation so that the installation better meets the current needs of the customer.

Laboratory tests, pilot tests and tests for industrial applications.

Many years of experience in the implementation of membrane processes, filtration and wastewater treatment allows us to identify key parameters of the medium, which allows us to reduce the costs of chemical analyzes. At the customer’s request, our specialists take samples from the premises of industrial plants, thanks to which we are sure that the process of analyzing the composition of the mixture was carried out correctly from its first stage. PolymemTech also cooperates with accredited analytical laboratories, as well as with several teams from scientific units, using their knowledge and experience in the analysis of the composition of liquid and gas mixtures.

Thanks to extensive technology park we are in able to carry out laboratory and pilot tests on its own devices, quickly verifying the technology on the Customer’s medium, which saves the costs of extensive R&D works. Our mobile filtration devices also allow you to conduct tests on the premises of customers.

We perform activities in the above scope both as part of comprehensive outsourcing of R&D processes and as part of pilot studies of technologies that have passed the stage of laboratory tests.


Installation design and production

Each of our projects is individualized for the client’s needs. The input data for the project are the data obtained from the client, his needs and expectations, and the results of laboratory tests.

Each of our implementations is carried out according to procedures aimed at ensuring the highest quality of the product and meeting all customer requirements.

We start each new task with discussing the problem in an interdisciplinary team. At this stage, an initial concept of the process assumptions, the appearance of the installation and the method of its control is created.
Based on the process and technological diagram, a group of designers prepares a detailed design of the installation. In designing, we use the latest tools to facilitate the designer’s work. Projects are optimized in terms of functionality, ergonomics, occupied space, but also in terms of aesthetics.

Each membrane installation is performed by PolymemTech employees in the company’s production halls. The independent implementation of all stages of work allows us to constantly supervise the quality of the product and makes us independent of other entities.

Each installation undergoes detailed tests and trials before it is handed over to the customer.

Our engineers assemble the installation at the customer’s premises and provide professional after-sales service. We provide assistance at every stage of operation of our installations. After the assembly and commissioning of our installations in the place indicated by the customer, we carry out commissioning, initial tests on site and conduct training on the operation of the device for the indicated employees.

We are always ready, during the warranty period and after its expiry, to provide our help in everyday operation and in timely inspections and periodic repairs. We have equipment and devices that are helpful in conducting technical services and cleaning installations in the CIP (cleaning in place) mode.

We also service installations made by other manufacturers and deliver components, including filtration membranes.

Installation and service

Steel structures for industry

Comprehensive, innovative solutions in the field of steel structures for industry.

Specialized, highly processed and large-size installations are used in projects from industries such as construction, energy industry, road construction, as well as in numerous infrastructural investments.