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ERA-NET 7.2.

ERA-NET type of project was started in 2002, in 6th EU Framework Programme, objective of the EU decision on the building of the European Research Area (ERA) - the area of free flow of knowledge, mobility of scientists, optimal use of points of contact between national research programs of individual countries and strengthening the cooperation in science and research in Europe. In 6th FP (2002-2007) 71 ERA-NET projects were created, and the EU budget for that purpose was 183 mill EUR.


Project: „Novel Smart Filtration Media"

Project objective: research works, new solutions for filtration structures being a combination of ceramics and polymers that allow to purify the liquids effectively.

The project is implemented in Consortium:

1. Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering

2. Polymemtech Sp. z o.o.

3. Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

4. Secura Nova Sp. z o.o.

5. Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana University


The project is financed by NCBR as a part of ERA-NET programme for years 2011-2014, Contract number ERA-NET/MNT/NFSM/3/2011.

Project value: 406 000 PLN

Financial support value: 324 800 PLN







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