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Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas is a programme that is a part of the collective undertaking of National Centre for Research and Development and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA). Its purpose is to support the large integrated undertakings of research and development character that lead to development and commercialisation of innovative technologies in area connected with the extraction of shale gas, which cover the pilot scale tests of the developed solutions. The main objective of the programme is the development of technologies and their implementation in economic activity of the companies operating in Poland.

Project: „Development of technology for purification and closing the water cycle used in the process of fracturing with utilisation of membrane technology"

The aim of the project implemented by PolymemTech is to develop a technology for purification of water used in cracking and then purification of water returning from fracturing. Due to that technology fracturing water can be obtained that is characterised by very high purity and stability in time (no development of micro-organisms) and then its purification after fracturing to the standards allowing it to be discharged or returned again for cracking.

The project is implemented in Consortium:

1. Polymemtech Sp. z o.o. - Project Leader

2. Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

The project is financed by NCBR as a part of programme Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas for years 2013-2015, Contract number BG1/Polymemtech/13.

Project value: 3 000 000 PLN

Financial support value: 2 600 000 PLN

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