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Our every project is individually adjusted to the needs of customer. The input data for the project are the data received from the customer, his needs and expectations and the results of laboratory tests.

Every implementation, although individualised, is conducted in a certain way, according with the procedures ensuring the product is of the highest quality and meets all the customer's requirements. The customer's satisfaction is the measure of the quality of our work.

Every new task is started with a "brainstorming". The interdisciplinary team discusses the issue and searches for the best method of solution. It is that stage where the initial concept of the process, system appearance and a manner of its control is created.

Based on the process-technological scheme the group of designers and drawers, supervised by the leader, creates a detailed system design. During the design, we use the state-of-the-art tools that facilitate the designing work. The designs are optimised for the functionality, ergonomics, used floor space, but also the design aesthetics.

Every system is produced by the PolymemTech employees in the company's assembly rooms. Independent completion of all work stages allows us to constantly supervise the quality of the product and makes us autonomous from other entities.

Every system is thoroughly tested before it is presented to the customer.

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