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The specialists from PolymemTech have extensive knowledge and years of experience in conducting the analytical research in the field of liquid and gas mixtures. PolymemTech operates on the most advanced analytical equipment, which is able to detect even trace amounts of some substances in the mixture.

Our advantage is also the fact that the specialists from PolymemTech independently gather the liquid samples from the industrial plants, as this way we are certain that the mixture compositions analysis process is carried out properly from its first stage. PolymemTech is also co-operating with accredited analytical laboratories, and also with a few teams from the research units, utilising their knowledge and experience.

Tests are conducted both in our own company as well as in the customer's plants (mobile filtration devices).

The operations in the above mentioned scope are conducted both as part of comprehensive outsourcing of R&D processes, as part of pilot research technologies, which has completed the laboratory research stage.

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