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The membrane separation of gases consists of utilising the differences in solubility and diffusivity of different gases in particular polymers that make the membrane. It is a process, in which the driving force is the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane. The purpose of that process is the enrichment or depletion of the gas stream with the chosen element.

By applying the proper polymer membrane types, it is possible to separate practically every mixture of gas ingredients. In that scope, the membrane techniques replace such known processes as absorption, adsorption and cryogenics.

The current membrane techniques used for gas separation are broadly applied in the following areas:

  • enrichment of bio-gas with methane (removal of carbon dioxide),
  • denitriding of natural gas (enrichment with methane),
  • enrichment of air with nitrogen (creating an atmospheric barrier),
  • enrichment of air with oxygen (for medical equipment and furnaces),
  • fractionation of hydrocarbons from the natural gas,
  • dehydration of gas streams.

PolymemTech offers design and systems implementing the processes of membrane gas separation in all the above-mentioned areas.

Currently, one of the main research directions of PolymemTech is to develop an industrial technology for manufacturing our gas separation membranes. The project is in the phase of laboratory testing. Presently, we get prepared to develop and incorporate the ready product.

Today, our gas separation membranes are successfully used for research purposes in many research facilities in our country and in Europe. A cooperating with many research facilities allows us for further improvement of our products.

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