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We offer an innovative product of high quality

PolymemTech offers a wide range of crossflow filtration modules manufactured from polypropylene, PVC and stainless steel. The modules that we manufacture are adjusted to our customer’s needs and have the membrane surface in range of 0.2 – 40 m² (or more according with the customer's request).

The products of PolymemTech are developed by a research team leading by Mr. Maciej Szwast, Ph.D., Eng. Those products are the newest and most effective manner of filtration of liquids, and their application presents a number of advantages for our customers. The high quality of the offered solutions allows for their operational use up to 10 years.

The solutions are being adjusted to needs of individual customers.

We offer the consulting services and assistance in selecting the proper technologies that are adjusted to the customer's needs. Before placing an offer, we perform filtration tests on our own pilot plants and we analyse the effectiveness of the separation.

Based on the results and thorough interview with the customer, we recommend the most effective solution, its production, implementation and after sales service.

We approach every project individually.

We possess special knowledge and experience

Professor Piątkiewicz is an indisputable authority in the field of membrane filtration, both in Poland and abroad. The staff of PolymemTech have access to the knowledge and information about the up-to-date developments regarding the membrane technology, thus, our company introduces innovative solutions to our customers.



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