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 PolymemTech company designs and manufactures complete systems for separation and purification of liquids and gases, based on the membrane technology.

We are the first Polish company that manufactures the membrane systems. Thanks to the unique, special knowledge and technology we have developed an innovative and flexible product that has a range of applications and can be easily adjusted to individual needs of every customer.

We offer products and services in terms of submicron filtration. We supply the complete filtration systems equipped with different types of membranes, including ceramic. PolymemTech is also a manufacturer of capillary polypropylene and polysulfone membranes for both individual applications and cooperation with OEM systems.

PolymemTech derives from academic community of Warsaw University of Technology. Our company was founded by Professor Wojciech Piątkiewicz and Roger White, who started working on the membrane techniques at the University. Today, PolymemTech run our own programme of manufacturing technology development. The collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology provides us constant development of production and an access to innovative technologies.

PolymemTech has gained financial help for its operation from two investment funds: Business Angel Seedfund and Opoka Fundusz Inwestycji Zamkniętych.


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