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Project: “Development of technology for purification and closing the water cycle used in the process of fracturing with utilisation of membrane technology", which we incorporate as a part of Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas programme, received an award at nationwide comparison "15 Creative Individuals in Science"
People responsible:

Professor Wojciech Piątkiewicz, Maciej Szwast Ph.D. Eng. (Project Manager)
The "Brief" magazine awarded 15 projects, which practically implement the transfer of knowledge from universities to business. The criteria of choosing the projects were not only the innovation and technological advancement, but above all the manner in which they were implemented on a business level. They appreciated these initiatives that could be presented as an example of an efficient commercial co-operation of scientists and entrepreneurs and those that practically implement the idea of transferring the knowledge and technologies to the business.
The comparison of "15 Creative Individuals in Science" is available in August issue of the "Brief" magazine,3192,15_kreatywnych_w_nauce_zestawienie_magazynu_brief.html





First Contest “Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas” Concluded

We are pleased to announce that PolymemTech has received a financial support as a part of the First Contest “Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas”, obtaining one of the higher scores in the process of essential evaluation.


Blue Gas - Polish Shale Gas programme is part of the collective undertaking of National Centre for Research and Development and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA). Its purpose is to support the large integrated undertakings of research and development character, which cover the pilot scale tests of the developed solutions that lead to development and commercialisation of innovative technologies in area connected with the extraction of shale gas. The main objective of the programme is the development of technologies in the area connected with the extraction of shale gas in Poland, as well as their implementation in economic activity of the companies operating in Poland.


PolymemTech described technologies supporting of extraction in Poland as one of the key elements of their R&D strategy. It is the result of having a concept of development for that product line and answers for the mining industry demand for the new solutions that increase the effectiveness of the implemented processes and the security in context of environmental protection.




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